The Mormons are very dedicated to their religion and any Mormon takes great pride in his/her faith. Just go to Salt Lake, Utah, and you will see that a large number of Mormons living in the region follow their religious principles, teachings and the scriptures of their prophets. This dedication is also obvious in the way they dress, go to church, the way they dress when they go to Church, the fittings of their clothes and the way they adhere to their traditions. The CTR ring is representative of the Mormons’ way of life.

CTR stands for “Choose The Right” and is indicative of the wearers affiliation to the LDS church. The CTR ring can be worn by children, women and men. You will find that many Mormons also own CTR shields. The CTR rings were introduced around the same time that CTR shields were. In the 1960s the Latter-Day Saints Church’s Committee decided to come up with a way to help children “choose the right path”- in other words, to encourage them to go for Mormonism. It is because of this that they came up with the CTR logo for these rings and shields.

Today, many adults from the LDS church get these rings made for themselves and they even give these to one another as tokens of appreciation or as a gift. It shows their religious affiliation to the LDS church. Not only does this act as a great way of promoting the LDS church, religion and Mormonism but it would also serve as a way of showing the world of one’s respect for the religion. There are various types and kinds of Christian around the world- Protestants, Catholics, Presbyterians and such like- and these rings help the Mormons distinguish themselves from other types of Christians.

The LDS church members are very proud of their religion and of who they are. These rings help them stand out so that people are aware of the fact that they belong to a different sect of Christianity. Think of it as a way of identifying those who belong to the LDS church. If you see someone wearing such a ring it’d be safe to presume that he/she belongs to the LDS church. Every sect in every religion has a way of distinguishing themselves from the other sects- Shiites, for example, wear black clothes to signify their affiliation to a different school of thought despite the fact that they are Muslims nevertheless. Since there are many other sects such as Sunnis, Qadianis, Agha Khanis and such like, wearing the color black in the Islamic month, known as Muharram, enables them to distinguish themselves from the other sects.

So, the LDS church is depictive of one’s religious affiliations and though you’ll come across different people who wear silver rings, if the letters CTR are engraved in it, you’ll know what sect they belong to. A large number of Mormons wear these rings and buy these for their loved ones, children and one another on special occasions.