Amen!!!! Poignantly and sensitively written. I’ve found that those you wouldn’t think have the struggle – do – especially when you feel so alone in the struggle. We paste on the smile yet the storm rages within. I had to come to a place, with the help of my safe person, that suicide no longer was considered a “tool in my bag” to be utilized … this “removal” has helped a great deal. I’ve also learned, when I’ve pleaded “why,” that through my suffering, I’m better able to help another … though the risk of raw exposure almost does me in. The reliance on our Savior, as so well articulated here, is a life’s testimony! It’s His grace I also rely on. I also have reiterated to me over and over and overy again – a little more kindness – towards myself, towards others – works miracles! I am a miracle; you are a miracle; we are all miracles! Your light continues to shine brightly for me, especially because you point others to Christ – His Light, HIs Love, His Healing. Bless you!♡

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