I can see that you have put a good deal of thought in your article and is has some points which have been very helpful to some of your readers. The following observation is not meant to be a criticism, but rather lead to a deeper level of understanding. Technically speaking, trust is a mortal construct, a necessary tool for our learning. It is similar to faith in that respect. God’s power of omniscience (all knowing) precludes the need to trust us, he know us and knows what we will choose and how we will behave. We aren’t here to prove anything to Him, all things are present to Him, He already knows the outcome. However, we must be allowed the experience in order to grow into the person He knows we will become. It is our experiences and what we learn from them which are essential to our becoming. Trust and faith are essential for us,until we come to a perfect knowledge (as God has) then we no longer have the need for trust or faith. While it may be comforting to think that He has faith in us or trusts us, as we come to understand the nature of God, we see that characterization is inaccurate for it would mean that he is not omniscient. Again, it is not my intention to offend or be critical, merely to suggest there is more to be considered.

Source: ldsnet