Joan of Arc won an Emmy in the Historical Documentary Category.

Go Films lead by Adam Able acted as the production company and Russ Holt (The Work and The Glory, Lamb of God) wrote and directed it. Ryan Little was the cinematographer for the film.

Joan of Arc was filmed entirely in France. It all started when Russ called Adam in February of 2015 and said that BYUTV had pitched him on the idea of doing a Joan of Arc project. Russ, Ryan and Adam then traveled to France in March 2015 to do a preliminary location scout and research trip. They later returned to France and London in May 2015 to finalize casting and location scouting and in June/July of 2015 they completed production. Joan of Arc premiered on BYUTv for Thanksgiving 2015 and can still be streamed at BYUTV or can be watched in the video below.

The story of Joan of Arc follows the story of an ordinary farm girl who transforms into an extraordinary hero.
Fifteenth-century France was devastated by an ongoing war in which women did not fight. Yet Joan heeded the counsel of angels and transformed into a military leader and something her country needed but many feared. In this BYUtv original special, discover the stalwart spirit, military prowess, and enduring influence of Joan of Arc.

You can stream Joan of Arc just below.

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