CTR rings are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways and they can be worn for a number of different reasons. The most obvious reason for choosing to wear a CTR ring is to show allegiance to the LDS church and that you are proud about your Mormon way of life. CTR rings are also becoming increasingly popular with people that are converting to Mormonism from another religion, Wearing a CTR ring is a way of stating to others their new found faith.

Mormons often give CTR rings as gifts to friends and other members of their families a way of being more closely connected with their faith as a family and being closer to the Lord. Whilst CTR rings are symbolic and are easily recognisable as a mark of Mormon religion they are still versatile enough to be worn with suits, dresses as well as casual wear.

Weddings are another example of when a CTR ring may be given as a gift, brides and grooms to be often give their fiancé a CTR ring after the announcement of engagement as a means of declaring their love, trust and commitment to their partner. CTR rings are also often given to children by their parents by means of encouraging them to embrace their faith and to always “Choose the right”.

CTR Rings for Her

While CTR rings can be worn by both men and women its women’s CTR rings that come in the widest variety of different styles. Women like their LDS jewellery to look as pretty and eye catching as any other jewellery that they are likely to wear. The styles of women’s CTR rings that are available vary depending upon who they are for, for example a CTR ring that is going to be given to a woman getting married will have an intricate and beautiful design. These designer CTR rings are extremely popular with grooms looking to get their fiancé the most beautiful CTR ring that they can afford.

For a CTR ring that is going to be given to a child such as a daughter, then this will most likely be solid silver or even gold. Parents may also want to have an inscription placed inside the band of the CTR ring that is personal to their daughter. For CTR rings that are to be a gift from a daughter to a mother then a much more simple and classic design in silver is a popular choice.

CTR rings are a fabulous way of displaying your faith while at the same time looking fashionable and eye catching regardless of when you wear them.

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